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Popular Online Payments Method ( Low Fees, Secure and Fast Processing )

Did you already start your business online? no matter you are an beginner or professional. If you had to go into bussines online then you are required to have an online payment tools ( e-payment ). Why? this necessary to receive payment from your hard work. Indeed several online business programs there are still paying their affiliates / marketers using the old method is through check or money order, but this way will require a long time and is considered no longer appropriate in modern times like now. This fast-paced and practical with advances in technology supported possible.
What is e-payment?
E-payment is an electronic payment instrument issued by a service provider company which provides the online payment transaction services (sending and receiving) money globally, just by using electronic mail (E-mail).
e-payment can also be used to online shoping, it is very suitable for those of you who have a hobby shoping on cyberspace. So you no need to use a Credit Card to shop online again, which considered too risky to the theft of money and theft of your personal identity data. With this e-payment risk can be minimized. This is evidenced by the establishment of several Automation provider of e-payment such as: PayPal, Moneybookers, Neteller, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, e-gold, WebMoney, click2pay, and others. One more thing that was new: KasPay, one of the leading provider of e-payment services for local in Indonesia.
I will only discuss two types of e-payments thats the most widely used to receive payments from a few affiliate programs (online business).

I. PayPal
PayPal addressed at the https://www.paypal.com/. Corporate headquarters It is located in San Jose, California, United States.
PayPal Corp. is actually a result of merging companies between Confinity with X.com conducted in 2000.  Because see the future development of PayPal which is very promising and then PayPal was acquired by ebay for USD 1.5 billion (wikipedia) and make Paypal as the only means of payment for their business (ebay).
PayPal is very suitable for those of you who were involved in business online to send and receive payments online. Paypal also widely used by the affiliate program to paying their members / affiliater. So for those of you who like to make money on the internet from programs such as PTC, GPT, PPC, PTR, and others, very suitable to have a paypal account to receive payments from your hard work. Low fees to withdrawal money from PayPal to your local bank account and no hidden fees plus quick process. On this time while im writing this articles the PayPal users has reached 221,915,393 Accounts Worldwide and will continue to grow every second (source: statistics on the official website of PayPal).
If you do not already have a PayPal account, here's the way to registration:
  • Go to the official PayPal website at https://www.paypal.com/ (make sure PayPal address correctly to avoid theft through phishing techniques). Or you can sign up through refer a friend program from PayPal through my referral link here ( click the banners ) :

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

  • Make sure you have a valid email to be used to registration your PayPal account.
  • Then click SignUp to register using your valid email you have prepared. Pick your PayPal account types: Personal, Premier or Business. I recommended you registering with an Premier account if you want your limit transaction more larger than personal account. Thats the business account type, intended for business online with a large scale both individuals and groups or company. Register to create a PayPal account is free and no charges.
  • Fill your personal data in truth, shall be in accordance with your identity card or your passport.
  • Choose a strong password combinations to avoid theft or PayPal account piercing.
  • Once completed and approved, you will receive an email response from Paypal which contains your registration email verification code. Open the email you used to sign up earlier, and then open the message from Paypal and click the link to verify your email which has been registered.
  • Done, now you have your own PayPal account.
* Note: Your PayPal account has been created but it needs to be remembered that the status of your account has not been verified. The point is that you have owns and can transaction online but your transaction is limited. To improve your limit, then your account must be verified.

You can get verified your account by:
  • Linking your Credit / Debit Card
  • For most countries, you can get a verified status by linking Your Local Bank Account.
For more details, please learn more on PayPal's official website: https://www.paypal.com/

II. Moneybookers
Addressed in http://www.moneybookers.com/app/. Office of this company located in Welken House, 10-11 Charterhouse Square, London, EC1M 6EH, United Kingdom.
Moneybookers is one of the closest competitor to PayPal. Very suitable for you who have hobby to make money on the internet via: Forex, Online Poker and their affiliates programs, gambling games and their affiliates program although there are some online business courses receive payments using moneybookers.
Registration is free and no charges, no hidden fees. Application mode almost the same with PayPal :
  • Open Moneybookers official website http://www.moneybookers.com/app/ ( be sure Moneybookers address correctly to avoid theft through phishing techniques ). Or you can sign up through refer a friend program from Moneybookers through my referral link here ( click the banners ) :

  • Make sure you have a valid email to be used to registration.
  • Click Signup to register and fill out your valid personal data.
  • You will receive an email response from Moneybookers which contains the code your registration email verification. and click on the link to verification.
  • Now you have your own Moneybookers account with  account status has not been verified.
  • To increase the transaction limit, your account needs to verified.
There are three options to get your Moneybookers verified status:
  • Verification by your proof address, on this option: fill in Your real name and proof address accordance with your identity card or passport,then select the address verification by this option. then moneybookers will send a letter to you which contains a six-digit verification code with instructions on how to verify it. The duration of delivery time letter depending on your location and your country.
  • Using your local Bank Accounts
  • Using Credit / Debit Card
For more details, please learn more on Moneybookers official website http://www.moneybookers.com/app/
* Note: based on my experience, the fees to withdrawal funds from Moneybookers to a local bank account is more bigger than PayPal but the process is more fastest.

If you have any questions please leave your comment or you can contact me. thanks


chris July 15, 2010 at 3:50 PM  


i like to pay online with credit cards, and a have lots of discussions with many people regarding security issues. what do you think about fraud?


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