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In this blog, I`ll try to define some free ways to make money on internet, such as get paid to playing free online games, affiliate programs, advertising, sell photos, sharing photos, PTC, reviews and so on. One thing to keep in mind that to make money on internet isnt completely free?? Why? Which is free in my opinion, thats we only use all the free facilities available on the internet but still we have to sacrifice our time, energy, thoughts and of course the cost of our surf. And keep in mind also it cant be instantly, it takes patience and perseverance your own. So use your fullest potential.
Happy surfing on my blog, finally...I hope the contents of this blog useful and helpful for those of you who are studying and looking for information about "making free money on internet".
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Free Income From Selling Photos

You are a photografer or whether you are a designer?? Or you have a hobby of art images, whether photo or design your own work. If you have these skills, it's time to try to produce some of your excess $$$ from it. How? yes how to sell your work is. You can create a personal website to show off and sell the results of your work. Given the cost to create and manage a website is pretty expensive, dont worry there are had solution to sell your work is use of the free facilities on the Internet.
One was through sales intermediaries photografer works and designers, namely dreamstime. In addition to selling our photos, here we can buy photos from another member.
There are a few things to note:
  1. Photos or designs must be purely your own work and dont violate copyright
  2. Photo or design should at least use the 3MP camera and photo themes / designs include: Abstract, Animals, Arts / Architecture, Business, Editorial, Illustrations, Industries, IT & C, Nature, Objects, People, Technology or Travel.
  3. Photo or design you will pass the qualification process prior to test the feasibility of the sale, so dont carelessly photo  upload.
  4. You can upload a maximum photo 50 photos / day
  5. Each of your work sold, you will get 30-60% of sales per photo
  6. Payout can be done if your balance has reached the minimum $ 100
If you are interested and want to try make some free money by selling your photos, please register under my link below
REGISTER HERE . Its totally free!!!
I really respect you if you can respect people who give valuable information. Thanx

One more thing to add your free extra income, which is promoting this site (become a affiliate) as I was doing.
What do you have to do? It's simple: recommend Dreamstime to as many people you can: friends, colleagues or relatives. Even competitors can bring you a share of their Dreamstime purchases or earnings! 10% of all sales made within the first 3 years from registration for each referred member, contributor or buyer.
You can refer people by giving them the URL (any user coming to our site automatically becomes your referee) or by using the referral ID (any user entering this code in the registration form is automatically marked as your referee). You choose the method that suits you best: word of mouth, email, badge, banner, forum post, or referral link. No spam please.
A $5 instant bonus may be received if you decide to display visibly banner badge on your site.
Happy hunting free income on internet, now it's time your work shown on the world!! Please learn more on the website.


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