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In this blog, I`ll try to define some free ways to make money on internet, such as get paid to playing free online games, affiliate programs, advertising, sell photos, sharing photos, PTC, reviews and so on. One thing to keep in mind that to make money on internet isnt completely free?? Why? Which is free in my opinion, thats we only use all the free facilities available on the internet but still we have to sacrifice our time, energy, thoughts and of course the cost of our surf. And keep in mind also it cant be instantly, it takes patience and perseverance your own. So use your fullest potential.
Happy surfing on my blog, finally...I hope the contents of this blog useful and helpful for those of you who are studying and looking for information about "making free money on internet".
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Earn Money From Free Online Poker Game

For those of you who have a hobby of online gaming, and have expertise in playing the game of poker, its suitable for you to test.
Is it zynga poker?? Not, I dont mean thats game is zynga poker. It is currently zynga poker game is one of the most favorite poker game in the world, zynga poker game can also make money with your skills to produce millions chips poker you can sell to other users with a range of $ 1.7 / M chip, but really it was illegal if according to the rules of this game. But anyway I dont want to discuss it further ... it's up to you all ... lol.
Did you know there is one poker game that can make money on the internet in the USD currency for free and legal?. Yup you`re right, that is get paid to play free online poker games and I like to said "This is The Real PayPal Poker Games". Why i said like that? here`s i`ll explain and you`ll know why.
Free unique poker game this one is a No needed to Pay Poker or better known as NPP. This online poker game is free and includes one like of the online gambling games,  if most of the online gambling is require us to deposit money in advance for using real money. So in NPP  we doesnt require a penny of capital for the online poker game is totally really free, we just sacrifice of time and use our expertise/skill to play poker only and all prizes paid by the sponsor who can withdraw into our PayPal account later.
Free PayPal Poker Money Cash Prize

How to make money online for free on NPP?
Yes ... you just playing poker and winning the prize, that`s it.
1.If you had became a member, you will know the name called FreeD. Mean that the FreeD is a valid currency in this game. Although that`s Freed isnt a real money, but these FreeD later can be withdraw to our PayPal account in USD currency.
For the first time, if you had become a member, you will be given 10 Freed as your capital in your balance. Its so small capital? calm down ... To obtain additional capital ( Freed ), you can click the ads / banners in this game. Remember .... the prizes of this game paid by the sponsors. Each day we clicked limit up to 26 click   ads/banners, and each ads/ banner that we click left for 90 seconds, then we will get 1 Freed. Keep in mind the distance of time to click on ads / banners to each other approximately 90 seconds, Don`t click too many times and exceeds the limit or you will not even get freed. Even you not play poker, you can get 26 FreeD ($ 0.26 Usd) / days just doing to clicking ads/banner. How cool this game right? This game very unique, about PTC and Get Paid To Play Games.
2. Although this game doesn`t require our personal info in detail, but if we fill our information form, then we will get an additional 15 Freed.
3. There are many choices how to play poker in this game. Later in the Lobby you will see the room:

NPP Lobby Poker PayPal No Need Deposite

  • Cash Room: to bet directly with your Freed, if you had become a new member, i recommended you should not play in this room first and try to win a free tournament to get additional FreeD, of course thats on tournament room.
  • Tournament: This is my favorite place to increase the coffers of our Freed. in NPP we will find a lot of good tournaments for free ( freerolls game ) or pay to register use some of Freed ( buy-in games ). Free prize tournament varies, ranging from the prizes 100, 200, 250, 300, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 20000 to 30000 Freed. Wow just imagine a huge thing that we won a big tournament we could enjoy the results, of course the withdraw into our PayPal account then transferred into our local bank account. Tournament with prizes for the 5000 to 30,000, you must pass first qualifying. With prizes for the 5000 tournament was the final weekly tournament. And that is 20000 and 30000 was monthly tournament final round.
  • League: weekly poker league for free registration, the rules is you must play on league 5 times or more and collect as much points up the league standings at the end of the rank 1 to 3 (like EPL hehehe) will receive the gift of Freed. Great prizes varies between 1000 - 2500 Freed.
  • Private: Yup this is a private room or private table, you can create your own private table on NPP. This allows you to invite your friends poker in the NPP to play together. Private tables can be setting as a open registration or protected by a password.
  • Chat Room:  room to communicating between Admin, Moderators game and members/poker players. The Admin also like to communicate here but not every day comes. So if you have any questions about game rules, withdrawal or everythings you want to know about this game, you can directly ask questions here to Admin, Moderators or other members/players.
4. This is the most important. Rule Withdraw:
How to convert Freed into real money in USD currency?? The rule is as follows:
1 Freed = 0.010 USD
The minimum withdraw for a free member must have a minimum of 4000 Freed (40 usd) and for Premium Member 2500 Freed (25 usd). We can join as a free member, but if you have more money, you can join as a Premium member with a joining fee of about 2.95 usd. Excess Premium member just in minimum Payout only and will receive extra chips to be used regularly at every tournament. On the game play was no different, depending on their skills.
NPP has now become my favorite free poker online game, especially after tasting the first time withdrawal.

Payment Proof
NPP Proof Payment 2010,Free PayPal Poker Game

What about you?? You are interested to compete your poker skills with pro poker players around the world?? One other point of interest in the NPP, our ratings / rankings of poker are updated dailly. If today you win you keep the ratings will crawl up and vice versa. NPP is very different from Zynga, on NPP your poker skills at stake isnt just rely on luck alone.

How to Registration :
  • Just needed your valid email, which will be used for registration.
  • Then REGISTER HERE, and fill out registration form.
  • Wait a few moments, you will get email response from the NPP.
  • While waiting, download the NPP software first, its around 5MB
  • Open your email and see the email response from the NPP, then you will be given a link to activate your NPP account, click on that link. Now your account has been activated
  • Install NPP you had downloaded on your PC
  • Login to NPP by NPP applications you have installed earlier
  • Happy play free online poker and collect $$$ prize inside it. :-)

CAUTION : Dont use a mask surf / dont use your ip replacement software, must play from your own computer. Because NPP will record your ip addres, this is to avoid foul play. Just follow these rules if you dont want to be a banned user. OK, happy playing and hunting USD.

Update Info : 
  • Payout method via : PayPal Or Netteler ( Minimum : For free members  4000 FreeD = $40 usd and for premium members 2500 FreeD = $25 usd ).
  • New Feature "FreeD Exchange" : You can buy/sell FreeD to others players. For free members you can sell 10% of FreeD balance you`ve got ( FreeD minimum to sell : 250 FreeD ). And for premium members its can be more/double. Payment transaction via : PayPal or Moneybookers.
  • You can withdraw your FreeD to make a deposit into sponsors Poker Online, but you must register/ make an account through NPP link. So if you plan to playing poker on real money mode on Poker Online sponsor without a risk and certainly no deposit needed, you are in the right place :-) . Not only that, everyday theres have a freerolls games from each sponsor with total prize varies between 20000-25000 FreeD.
  • Sponsors available : FeltStar, Titan, PartyPoker, Winner, Carbon, etc.
  • There are many great offers and the great deals that you`ll never found on others free poker. What are you looking for? create your account for free now ( click the banners below for sign up ) !!

Its a Dream Job For Gamers!!??
Don`t  Waste Your Skills!! No Money No Problem!! Be The New Rising Star!! Build Your Bankroll From "0" to be Hero Now!!
Cmon Pokerholics JOIN WITH US!!!!

get paid to play free online game

No Deposit - Truly FREE Poker, you never lose money, have no costs and no risk
No Subscriptions - We said FREE Poker and we mean it, you dont pay a penny
No Rakes - We make our money on advertising not raking the players
Legal Worldwide- an "open competition" legal in all jurisdictions, even the US
Secure - We dont take credit card details...and we pay out cash on FREE poker
League poker - Unique skill-not-luck, multi game tournaments
Private Tables - Anyone can set the number of players, blinds and speed


Jimmie,  March 24, 2010 at 8:19 AM  

It is really free m8??
hagh...i luv POKER games, its my life...my 2nd wife lol.
ok ..registered under u. Thanx 4 ur email. :-)
C Y on poker tables [ Zynga n now on NPP ]

cheeeeeers bud!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jimmie "Pokerholic"

eurobillion April 8, 2010 at 2:23 PM  

http://eurobillion.blogspot.com money free
nice post

Josh,  July 21, 2010 at 2:34 AM  

Smart idea article, its can be minimize the risk.
Its not take detil credit card, right? i found free poker like this but they just allow withdraw only using credit card, uh..u know what i mean that free poker is P***P**y. Its to risk to use cc.

Keep Posting,
thx for ur information, i`ll looking forward

koko November 28, 2010 at 11:37 PM  

mas, bisa mita tolong gak. gimana nih akun nopaypoker ku gak bisa dibuka. pesannya gini :

our account has been closed!

Reason: Multiple Accounts Against T&Cs - To reopen one account you must contact support through this web page http://bit.ly/nppsupport, disclose any other accounts under your control and agree to the Terms & Conditions of the site. You may then re-open one designated account which will start with a Zero Balance.

padahal aku cuma punya 1 akun. bisa bantuin bilang sama adminya gak mas?

Free Bankroll Poker Stars January 20, 2011 at 11:55 AM  

Hello friends,
Nice blog post topics and I think this same topics with my blog :)
Texas HoldEm Poker is very interesting games and I`m agree with you that this games can make extra income with No need to Deposit both play on free poker games or some real poker online rooms.
How to get Free Poker Money No Deposit Bonus? See the best list on my blog.
Visit me back ok dude :)



poker February 18, 2012 at 1:14 PM  

wow... ! excellent post and it's really free i just tried once and now i must be the one who is going to play once again.. thanks for sharing the nice stuff..

play poker February 25, 2012 at 8:34 AM  

wow the blog is really awesome and i really love to win and having a lot of cash with in a single click away and i must be the one who is going to try it asap.. thanks for sharing the nice stuff..

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