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In this blog, I`ll try to define some free ways to make money on internet, such as get paid to playing free online games, affiliate programs, advertising, sell photos, sharing photos, PTC, reviews and so on. One thing to keep in mind that to make money on internet isnt completely free?? Why? Which is free in my opinion, thats we only use all the free facilities available on the internet but still we have to sacrifice our time, energy, thoughts and of course the cost of our surf. And keep in mind also it cant be instantly, it takes patience and perseverance your own. So use your fullest potential.
Happy surfing on my blog, finally...I hope the contents of this blog useful and helpful for those of you who are studying and looking for information about "making free money on internet".
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New Pre-Launching Money Opportunities Free $10 Bonus Until 1st August 2010

This is a good news for you who interesting to make money online. Its a new affiliates program about "Get paid to read and share articles". It is a new innovative, international Membership system where members will be able to learn new methods to make money online with detailed step by step instructions after the site prelaunch which lasts until 1st of August. Best of all this will be totally free, and you will have a chance to earn extra money by promoting articles which crew will provide for you with and you will also learn how to do this and where to do this.
Whats the benefites if you register now?
  1. You will be the first to provide assessment and monitoring of these programs
  2. You will be the first to know this new program, so the opportunity to earn additional income is more open
  3. While in pre-launch until August 1st, 2010 as soon as you register you get $10.00 Bonus credited to your account.
  4. Until the 1st of August, we are in the pre-launch stage. At the moment you can earn money by referring other users to join - You will earn $2 for every active referral (that means now you are able to built your downline as you will earn 20% of your referal`s earning for the lifetime of their active account and earn a $2 BONUS for every member you refer while pre-launch).
  5. You dont any experience and you wont need to pay for anything and you will be able to earn up to $1275/month simply by reading and promoting our articles.
  6. If you promote our articles you can earn $0.002 for each visitor you bring to the article, we have Fully tested this system out and by using our methods which we will teach you regarding our article promoting we were able to get about 1200 visitors for 15 minutes work done which would allow you to earn $2.4 - So If you work 2 hours per day Promoting our articles you can expect to earn $20. Also if you refer for example 100 members you would be able to earn also 20% of whatever they earn.

Come on what are you waiting REGISTER HERE
* You just needed your valid email to register and choose your username than the site crew will send password login to your mail. If you had finished this steps now you can login to your member area and edit your profile and payment method ( to withdraw your earning ). Must have a valid unique e-mail address to register with our program. As far as cheating goes, our software detects users who create fictitious accounts and use the same computer so if someone else in your household wants to join and will legitimately use their account; you shouldn't be flagged for abuse

Payment Method
  1. Payments will be made through PayPal ( if you dont have, Register here for free https://www.paypal.com/ and choose premier account )if your country doesn't supports PayPal you will be able to withdraw the money that you have earned through bank wire transfer for an extra $8 transaction fee deducted from the money you earned
  2. Payments after the prelaunch period is over will be sent at the 30th of every month (or the next business day) for your previous month earnings. For example If you were to earn $50 in August, you would receive your $50 payment in PayPal on the 30th Of September.
  3. Minimum Payout : For PayPal its $20, for Bank Wire transfer to any country it's $100

get paid to read and share articles

Good luck and hopefully you succeed :-) C Y on next posting


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