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In this blog, I`ll try to define some free ways to make money on internet, such as get paid to playing free online games, affiliate programs, advertising, sell photos, sharing photos, PTC, reviews and so on. One thing to keep in mind that to make money on internet isnt completely free?? Why? Which is free in my opinion, thats we only use all the free facilities available on the internet but still we have to sacrifice our time, energy, thoughts and of course the cost of our surf. And keep in mind also it cant be instantly, it takes patience and perseverance your own. So use your fullest potential.
Happy surfing on my blog, finally...I hope the contents of this blog useful and helpful for those of you who are studying and looking for information about "making free money on internet".
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How To Start Collecting Free Income From Internet

Where should I start?  i see a bid on a lot of business online either free or paid. That even confused me. The answer is very simple: Start with yourself!!!
Start an online business on the internet isnt as easy as we thought, especially for a beginner like me, who at first only take advantage of free facilities are available on the internet. There are opinions saying: "That to make money its needed money again" . It is true, because to make money on the internet is nothing really free. Do not despair!! if you are easily discouraged, you better not start a business online. There are solutions to reduce the cost if you want to try to start a business online, even this cost free approach.
Use the free facilities are available on the internet!
I am not a professional on the business online and i dont mean to patronize you are already proficient. I'm just a beginner at the beginning of this online business started using free facilities on the Internet. I just wanted to share my experience with the beginners course or who are learning to start a business online, before running an online business more professional by making a personal site that will better show your credibility than use the free facilities.
Facilities for free what should I use? On the internet a lot of free facilities are available to start a business online. You can start by registering some free programs to making free money on internet, such as: make free money from photo, get paid to playing free online games,  file hosting, free affiliate programs, and so on.
Then you take advantage of free media to promote your activities, such as: blogs, forums, groups, email, mailing lists, social networking, use free webhosting, free domain and so on.
If you've done these steps. So the key to your success as I have said from the beginning is start with yourself!!
Why do I say that?? There are several things that must be considered to make money for free on internet in order to achieve success.
1. Willingness and hard work
Most people fail because they are easy to despair. They dont have the will and hard work. Remember no one is completely free!! So your hard work is the main capital to achieve success.
2. Patience
Remember that everything needs a process. So dont assume that to get free money on internet is simple and instant, it isnt true. Everything takes time and patience to get through it, so you must be patient and spirit in order to reap the results. Most of those who fail because they lack patience and get bored easily.
3. Learning
How many hours a day you are surfing the internet?? It's about time you set aside some of your time to start learning about internet marketing. How? At the time you're browsing / googling find several articles about Internet Marketing, and start to learn from those who are more professional.
4. Practice
If you already have the preparation I have described, then it's time for your practice. Since learning / knowledge without practice will not be nothing. You can start with the following free programs that can make money on the internet which I will explain in this blog.

5. Selective
What I mean here is that you must be selective to choosing a free moneymaker programs that will you follow. Because a lot of free moneymaker program is categorized as a scam, so you dont be fooled.
How do I know if it is a scam?? Please read this a short ARTICLE ABOUT SCAM.

Happy surfing.... let`s we collecting free money from internet!!!!!
Good luck.


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