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In this blog, I`ll try to define some free ways to make money on internet, such as get paid to playing free online games, affiliate programs, advertising, sell photos, sharing photos, PTC, reviews and so on. One thing to keep in mind that to make money on internet isnt completely free?? Why? Which is free in my opinion, thats we only use all the free facilities available on the internet but still we have to sacrifice our time, energy, thoughts and of course the cost of our surf. And keep in mind also it cant be instantly, it takes patience and perseverance your own. So use your fullest potential.
Happy surfing on my blog, finally...I hope the contents of this blog useful and helpful for those of you who are studying and looking for information about "making free money on internet".
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Knowing About Scam Issues

Scam is the electronic news in the Internet which are lying and deceiving, so the sender will receive benefits and certain benefits. Meanwhile, the recipient will feel hurt / deceived.
In fact a lot of free moneymaker sites, such as: affiliate programs, ptc, etc categorized as a scam. So this is where you need to selectively choose all of them.
A site of free moneymaker program are categorized as a scam if that is:

  • Cant paying the members / always a delay of payment with no apparent reason
  • Too many complaints and bad comments from members
  • Site unstable and stopped without any reason for a long time, then reappeared suddenly
  • Didnt respond complaints from members / site support not operate
  • Owner has a bad history of doing scaming
  • Too close out the tantalizing promise of payment and no sense (ex: paying $200.00 per click ads!)

Becarefull...Be Selective... And Say No To Scammers!! :-)


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